Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital 2011

A day in the life of staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital Artist Residency.

“I am the wheel’s of the hospital. If I weren’t here nothing would work, no-one would get to where they needed to be and the hospital would stop.” Michael Khoodoruth, theatres porter.

There are 3454 member’s of staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital, some of them well known and loved by the patients and their relatives, some of them unseen but just as essential to the everyday running of the hospital.

Between 2010 and 2013 Great Ormond Street under went a massive redevelopment programme. Parts of the hospital were upgraded or rebuilt and many of the buildings are unrecognisable. This gave the hospital much needed space and created a more flexible, convenient and comfortable service for the patients and their families. This felt like an important time to document the old buildings and the staff at work there.

For this artists’ residency I spoke to staff and patients, working to understand how the building works for them and how they work within it. I followed one member of staff for a number of hours as they worked, taking photos of them at work in their environment.

“If I’d known about working in hospitals, I would have found work in one earlier. It is better than working in Westfield, where I used to work, here the work I do is essential. The diversity of all the equipment is a challenge, it keeps my passion alive”. Stuart Mace, plumber.

I hope the photos here show the passion and commitment each member of staff brings everyday, or night. Those members of staff you might know and recognise and also those hidden in the big labyrinth that is Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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